The T-Engine Platform

The T-Engine is an open platform for the development of real-time and embedded systems.  It comprises a hardware and software platform, standardized by the T-Engine Forum in Japan. The T-Engine Forum consists of more than 450 members, from industrial and academic circles.  This section of the site is dedicated to this exciting technology.  Here, you can find technical resources, links to other people using the T-Engine and extensive information about how to use and customize the operating system. The site is maintained by Mohit Sindhwani, and supported by a network of contributors using the T-Engine.  If you would like to contribute a related article or a piece of information, please get in touch by sending an e-mail to or use the contact form.  News pieces are further down the page.

Information for companies using the T-Engine
If you are looking for specific information regarding T-Engine projects, the process of porting the T-Kernel or for people to represent your products in different regions, TE@Onghu may be able to help connect you. Also, you can list your T-Engine products and projects on this site for free.  [Click for More Information]

The following articles are available at this time - more will be added as soon as possible.  So, please check back often.


T-NEWS: News About the T-Engine

News items are collected from different sources, such as mailing lists, BBS sightings, updates to the T-Engine Forumís website and so on.


Links to Main Resources

There are a number of online resources for people interested in the T-Engine.  The following sites will be of interest to English-speaking people.

If you would like me to add you/ your company to this list, please email me.


I would like to make this web-site available in as many different languages as possible. If you know some other language and are willing to help by translating pages of this site, please contact me. It will really help in making this site a good reference for all people who do not know Japanese. [Information & FAQ]

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